About Us


Sagritex facilitates effective Skills Development Programmes by developing sustainable integrated management systems for plant and animal production through the use of, among other methods, audio-visual skills development methodology.

……The aim of these Skills Development Programmes are to:

  • Improve farming efficiency
  • increase productivity
  • Enhance food security by contributing towards agricultural development in South Africa, especially in the subsistence and developing sectors.
  • Enable and empower new farmers and students of agriculture to become successful commercial farmers and participate throughout the agri-business value chain.

Audio-visual material is a quick, effective method of developing new skills and refreshing existing skills, and it is accessible at any time.

It can furthermore be used over and over again, and through putting time, effort and funds into developing quality material, we can ensure that the skills that are taught are according to industry best practice.

The audio-visual modules are based on relevant theory and practices to enhance and meet the knowledge, practices and expectations of trainers and trainees alike.

The application of audio-visual modules makes training so much easier and the learning process so much faster.

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